Hi! I’m Katie.

A creative professional and advocate for local makers.

Lowcountry Made has a simple mission:

To promote Lowcountry makers, connect them with shoppers, and promote business to business collaboration.

Lowcountry Made began creating popup markets during the pandemic to provide a safe platform for makers to engage with shoppers. What we didn’t anticipate was the immensely positive response from our community. Our neighborhoods turned out and we saw a widespread desire to shop local, shop handmade, meet the maker, and be a part of the community.

Since then we have facilitated over 40 artisan markets around the Lowcountry. We strive to promote all qualifying makers as well as rotate vendors each month to keep things fresh.

Several of our popup locations are hosted at local businesses like Burnt Church Distillery, Southern Barrel Brewing, Lot 9 Brewing and private communities like Haig Point. Our monthly markets are located at city and town parks for consistency.

About Lowcountry Made:

My name is Katie Silva, and I started Lowcountry Made to highlight the people investing their time and creativity into our Lowcountry communities.

I am deeply inspired by artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs. It takes passion and no small amount of GRIT to make it happen.

Lowcountry Made is a promotional company niched toward artists, artisans and other makers selling their creative wares in the Lowcountry. 

As a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and arts major I understand the difficulty people face turning a passion into a thriving business. My goal is provide opportunities for local makers to help their brand grow through the following:

  • Business Directory of Local Makers
  • Maker to Shopper Newsletter
  • Online Shop
  • Special Events and Markets

A little about Katie:

I’m a mama to four sweet babies creating a life with my family in Bluffton, South Carolina. My kids and their schedules dictate mine — but as entrepreneurial individuals know, just because you’re staying home and crazy busy with other things, the passion and drive to create something new never goes away.

Lowcountry Made was born out of my passions – for all things lovingly handcrafted, the minds of creative people, local life (stemming from the love of the small town I grew up in) and of course my work experiences.

I graduated with a Master’s degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and got to work as a Fine Art and Antique Associate Appraiser. As any parent will tell you raising kids is no joke, so I left the fine art field to have my babies and later joined a local creative marketing agency which allowed me to work remotely from home.

All of my passions, education, and past experiences have culminated in this creative undertaking that I’ve named Lowcountry Made. I hope you find it useful, discover and connect with local makers, and utilize the opportunities Lowcountry Made presents to see your passions evolve into a thriving business.