Lowcountry Made Local Makers

Hey friends! Katie Silva here! Founder and CEO of Lowcountry Made, we partner with small product based businesses and help them grow through popup markets and events. After creating and running Lowcountry Made for the past two years I’ve been inspired to begin a small business advice blog for my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners that feel stuck in a “small” business mindset. I’ve worked with dozens of small businesses and the successful ones have a few things in common. I’m excited to share tips and tools I’ve learned from growing my own creative business and from others I’ve seen scale quickly and efficiently.

The goal is simple. I want to see small product based businesses owners like you thrive and scale up and out of the early stages of solopreneur-ism. I want to see your business increase its profitability while you regain your freedom and time. You’re creative, talented, and make a flawless product with an awesome message. You’ve found your passion and you’ve brought it to market. So now what? Well friend…now you find yourself wearing all the hats. You’re the maker, accountant, social media manager, website designer, and salesman, and you simply cannot fathom doing anymore.

Armed with creative problem solving, your personal strengths, and some useful tips and tools you can scale your business, recover your time, and relish in the fact that your passion is your full time job. This blog could also be called “Katie’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Scaling your Small Business” because truthfully don’t we all want to get out of the grinding do it yourself phase as quickly as possible? I can’t wait to share proven tips, tricks, tools, and processes for doing just that.

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About the blogger: Katie Silva is a mom of 4, business owner, and creative business strategist. Katie has a BA in Art History from Hope College in Holland, Michigan and a MA in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Katie lives in Bluffton, South Carolina with her family and enjoys putting her creative talents to work in her community.