Lowcountry Made Collective

An invitation only partner program

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Lowcountry Made’s partner program offers special opportunities to help you grow your business. The Lowcountry Made Collective’s collaborative marketing efforts of our brands include social media presence, gift guides, wholesale services, email list, networking, media opportunities and pop-up markets.

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How brands are chosen

There are several criteria for how we choose which brands become part of the Lowcountry Made Collective. Brands are chosen on aesthetic, the quality of their craft, social media presence and wholesale readiness. Categories are also limited to ensure the success of the brands represented.

Sales Opportunities

Lowcountry Made Collective’s program includes a sales representative who actively seeks accounts on behalf of your business. There is a 10% finders fee. We call it a finder’s fee because the maker is the one to close the sale after the initial meeting.
wholesale catalog

Wholesale Catalog

Vendors who are part of the Lowcountry Made Collective have receive a wider exposure, thanks to bi-annual combined wholesale catalogs. These are sent to the combined retailer list for either a flat fee to participate or commissions on sales.

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