Market Checklist: The value of getting it out of your head and onto paper.


The value of systems in your business cannot be overstated. Author and business guru Michael Gerber inspirationally states,

“Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.”

Your business is made up of many systems whether they are written down or not. Writing them down allows you to share your process with others so they can perform tasks and you can receive predictable results. Numerous business coaches will tell you to write down each and every one of your unique systems in your business so you can begin to compile your business’ operations manual. This manual is imperative for developing efficiency, communicating with employees, and sharing with financial institutions. 

As a small business owner that largely depends on the sales of popup markets and trade shows, a great place to start is recording the system for running your booth at markets.

It can be as simple as a checklist. Formed and implemented your business will increase profitability and get you heading in the right direction for regaining your time and freedom. Some other benefits include:

  • Never forget something integral to your business again.You can’t make as many sales if you forgot your card reader.  
  • Discover areas of improvement to increase efficiency. For example you should know how long your full set up takes.
  • Goal #1! Hand your perfectly developed process over to an employee so your business can run without you. Regain your time and increase profitability because you can be working on your business in another way, attend two events simultaneously or hey, even take a much needed break.

Below is a downloadable market checklist to get you started in recording your unique process for running your business at market. There are supply recommendations as well as open spaces for customizing the list.


Print a copy of the market checklist before each market, record your set up time, observations during the market and rate your market experience. There is also a spot to record who ran the booth so you can track data and refer to them with questions about that particular market. Maybe your employee has recommendations to the list. Ultimately recording observations and looking for areas to improve the system will keep your business efficient and forward moving. 

Bon chance small business owner! 

Author Katie Silva, Founder of Lowcountry Made