Meet Palmetto Kettle Corn – February’s Featured Lowcountry Artisan!
Palmetto Kettle Corn


If you're like me, then you love the Farmer's Market! A familiar stand at the Bluffton Farmer's Market is Palmetto Kettle Corn.

My kiddos and I stroll the Farmer’s Market often and a bag of popcorn from Palmetto Kettle Corn has become a delicious tradition. I love mingling and getting to know the faces behind local businesses so I reached out and meet the dynamic duo behind the Bluffton Farmer’s Market staple, Palmetto Kettle Corn, Mike and Krystal! Check out my interview with Mike and Krystal below!

Calling All Brides to Be!

In honor of wedding season, March’s Newsletter will be FULL of wedding savings from local makers and businesses! Palmetto Kettle Corn is kicking off wedding season with a great deal for Thrifty Guide subscribers! Sign up for A Thrifty Guide’s newsletter to receive 15% OFF any order over 100 small 3oz wedding bags in March. Nothing says I appreciate you like a delicious treat that is both sweet and savory. Yum! And for an extra $150 you get the cutest popcorn stand to display your treats on!

An Interview with Mike and Krystal, owners of Palmetto Kettle Corn!

Can you tell me a little about yourselves and how you got into the popcorn business?

I’m a Firefighter and Krystal is a teacher, parents of boy/girl twins, 15 years here by way of North Carolina. We enjoyed markets and festivals and needed something to do on the side since house projects came to a close (at least the stuff I’m capable of doing… and the rest are expensive). We’ve been married for 13 years.

What are your favorite events to do?

Favorite events are anything music or food centered (nice on the senses) and we really enjoy doing things in Folly Beach area.

How does fundraising through Palmetto Kettle Corn work?

Fundraisers are always welcomed, and it starts with an email. So far they’ve all been different, so there’s no real recipe. May River Montessori, Cross schools, and River Ridge Academy could all provide references on how things went, but we’re flexible, and full of ideas to help meet needs.

What are your favorite flavors? And what is the craziest flavor suggestion you got from a client?

I have what I refer to as a “Heat Tooth” so Buffalo Bleu is my favorite, and Krystal prefers the White Cheddar. Original kettle is far and away our best seller, but the most popular flavor seems to be a draw between Butter and Caramel. The craziest flavor suggestion I’ve come across has been a blend of white cheddar and caramel.

Since it was first suggested, however, it’s been brought up numerous other times, and apparently is quite popular in the Midwest (Chicago specifically), and isn’t that bizarre at all. We’ll be dropping Cheddar Caramel on the people shortly. We’d gladly accept catchy name suggestions, and the winner gets a FREE bag of the first batch!


Tell us something about Palmetto Kettle Corn you want your customers to know?

I guess I’d like people to know that we’re passionate about what we produce, and our goal is to make it a staple statewide… don’t particularly care if we make a dime from it elsewhere. I want it to be a part our out of town guests SC experience, kids sporting event memories, display at weddings, snack on golf courses… etc. Boomchicapop can have 49 states… I want the people of our state to identify with, and choose us!

Palmetto Kettle Corn


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